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Jagananna's Navratnalu

We believe that these 9 promises, The Navaratnalu, will be the bedrock on which Navyandhra will be built, where inclusive development and happiness of all will be the sole aim.

YSR Rythu Bharosa

  • Rs. 12,500 will be given every year to the farmer’s family
  • Interest free loans, insurance premium will be paid on behalf of the farmers.
  • Free bore wells for farmers, 9 hours free electricity, Road tax on tractors abolition
  • Rs.4 will be given as subsidy for every farmer who gives milk to the cooperatives
  • Cold storage units in every constituency and food processing units will be set up on need basis
  • Prize stabilization fund with Rs. 3,000 crores, natural calamity fund with Rs. 4,000 crores.

Arogya Sri scheme

  • All the expenses, irrespective of the disease for treatment costs above Rs. 1000 will be borne by the government
  • Irrespective of the cost, place of the treatment Arogyasri is applicable
  • Rs. 10,000 will be given as pension to the patients suffering from serious ailments.
  • Financial assistance will be provided during recovery period

Youth – Employment

  • 10 local youth will be provided jobs through village secretariat. For door delivery of government schemes, one village volunteer will be mapped to 50 households with Rs. 5000 honorarium.
  • Around 2 lakh government jobs that are presently vacant will be filled
  • A bill shall be passed to provide 75% reservation in the industries to the locals
  • Will bring SCS and bring revolution in providing employment

Fees Reimbursement

  • Educational expenses of every poor student will be taken care of
  • Along with full fee reimbursement, Rs.20,000/- will be provided annually to every student for food and hostel expenses

Amma Vodi

  • Rs.15000/- per year, will be given to every mother from poor family who sends her child to school
  • Liquor prohibition in 3 phases after coming to power


  • Eligible age for pensions will be reduced from 65 to 60 years by increasing the pension amount to Rs. 3,000
  • Specially abled will receive Rs.3000 pension

YSR Aasara

  • The loan amount for DWCRA groups will be provided to them directly in 4 instalments
  • Will bring the system of zero interest loans and government to pay the interest amount to the banks
  • BC, SC, ST and minority women between the age of 45 and 60 years will be provided Rs. 75,000 in phases through their respective corporations
  • The corporation’s system will be revamped by introducing transparency into the system

YSR Housing

  • Pucca houses will be provided to all poor people
  • 25 lakh houses will be constructed in 5 years
  • Houses will be registered in the name of the female family member on the day of handover
  • In case of necessity, people can take loan at 25 paisa interest on the same house

BC Welfare

  • 50% in nominated posts and nominated works for BC,SC,ST and Minorities
  • Yearly 15,000 crores and 75,000 crores in 5 years for BC Welfare